Monthly Archives: July 2015

Scotland Day 1: Oban

Given how sweltering it has been these past few days, I can’t help but look back on our Scotland pictures and sigh for the 45- to 65- degree, gray, sometimes-rainy weather we enjoyed for most of the trip. Who knew I’d miss having to wear a hat and jacket all […]

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Scotland Day 0: Glasgow

I call this “Day Zero” because, while it took place in Scotland, it wasn’t actually part of the archaeology tour. It was just the four of us (Mom, Dad, Erik, and me) hanging out and exploring Glasgow while we waited for the last of our jet lag to work itself […]

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Iceland: The Golden Circle

I realize it’s been a little while. All I can say is: 500 pictures. For day two alone. 500 huge RAW files and one very slooooooooow computer with which to process them. Do I sound like I’m whining? I’m totally whining. Also, THANKS, DAD. Stupid FANCIEST camera with stupid gigantic, […]

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Oh, hey, Iceland.

So I have a very grand excuse for not updating since my first (rather silly) intro post a month ago. Three words: Scotland. Archaeological. Tour. (With a 2-day stopover in Iceland, just in case SCOTLAND and ARCHAEOLOGY wasn’t over-the-top enough.) I had initially planned on blogging every few days or […]

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