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The Author, being Extra Celtic.

Once during a conversation, my husband and I were asked if we could describe our life in 6 words. I came up with this to describe us: “Creative partners, but weird about it.”

In my family, “weird” is a desired compliment. I am a nerd, an artist, and a general layabout. A daydreamer. A writer. I’m in love with things that are otherworldly and grand and a little bit magical, although I would like to think I am at least somewhat grounded in reality. Mind you, being a reasonable soul is not mutually exclusive with letting my imagination do crazy, crazy things whenever it pleases.

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my properly wild and wonderful writer husband, two horrible-yet-adorable cats, and a lot of mess. I get to write and design things for a living (yay!) but as a marketing assistant for a medical practice, which I have discovered doesn’t really give me much opportunity to write about swords and magic or superheroes. Who knew?

I’ve started using my design experience from my day job to branch out from advertising into the marvelous, magical world of book cover design. I love it almost as much as I love writing, and my dream is to go freelance with both. As it is, I am already lucky to be doing what makes me happiest.

Sometimes I am also lucky enough to have fantastic experiences with my favorite people – such as an archaeological tour of Scotland in 2015, which combined my love of all things Celtic with my love of history and very, very old and mysterious things. My blog is where I write about those sorts of experiences, because I don’t want to forget how they make me feel. And because gushing about my favorite subjects never gets old…for me.

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