Cover Examples

Both print and e-book options are available, as well as interiors for both. Currently, design options are confined to all sub-genres of speculative fiction, although I will consider non-fiction if it has fantasy or sci-fi elements. I can also create web images, etc for marketing purposes. Prices $100-$350 depending on complexity/project scale: Contact me to start a conversation and get a personalized quote!

Dystopian/Post-Apoc SF
Dark Contemporary Fantasy
Virtual Reality SF Adventure
Literary Contemporary Fantasy

Novelette (ebook only). Single image cover.

Historical Fantasy

Novelette (ebook only). Single image cover with modifications.

Near-Future Thriller

With dystopian and disaster survival elements. 2+ images.

View print and web graphics here.

Two-image composite. Non-fiction content references Science Fiction property.

Epic Fantasy

Novel series, ebook and print. Complex covers: 4+ images. 

View series and print spread here.
Historical Fantasy Adventure

Novel (ebook only). 4+ image composite. Branded for future series.

Urban Fantasy

Short story series (ebook only). Two to four images in composite.

YA Science Fiction

Novel (ebook only). 3+ images with custom-designed central element.

View novel series here.
Literary Contemporary Fantasy

Short story (ebook only). More complex composite of three images.

Dark Fantasy Suspense

Full novel in series. Single image w/multiple layers.

View series and print spread here.
Far Future Cyperpunk

Short story (ebook only). One image layered with medium complexity.

View additional sci-fi stories here.
Light Contemporary Fantasy

Short story (ebook only). Two images, medium complexity.