Cover Examples

Both print and e-book options are available, as well as interiors for print. Currently, design options are confined to all sub-genres of speculative fiction (prices $100-$300 depending on complexity/project scale). I can also create web banners, images, and bookmarks for marketing purposes. I have additional genre examples available on request — go ahead and contact me!

Epic Fantasy

Novel series, ebook and print. Complex covers: 4+ images. 

View series and print spread here.
Dark Contemporary Fantasy

Short story, ebook only. Single image cover.

Cyberpunk Adventure

Novelette (ebook only). Composite of 2 images with customization.

Historical Fantasy Adventure

Novel (ebook only). 4+ image composite. Branded for future series.

Urban Fantasy

Short story series (ebook only). Two to four images in composite.

View series branding here.
Literary Contemporary Fantasy

Short story (ebook only). More complex composite of three images.

YA Science Fiction

Novel (ebook only). Composite of 3+ images with custom-designed central branded element.

Epic Fantasy

Short Story (ebook only). Companion to novel series.

View novel series here.
Contemporary Fantasy Collection

Collection of short stories in print and ebook. Medium complexity composition of three images. 

View full print spread here.
Dark Fantasy Suspense

Full novel in series with both ebook and print, plus series branding. Medium complexity: single image w/multiple layers.

View series and print spread here.
Science Fiction (Cyberpunk/Dystopian)

Short stories (ebook only) set in same universe. Range from one to two images arranged in composite.

View series here.
Light Contemporary Fantasy

Short story (ebook only). Two images, medium complexity.