November 8, 2016

New Fiction for Sale!

Well, it’s old fiction, actually. At least some of it. The point is, I finally have some of my stories up for sale as ebooks!

One of them, “Sidewynd,” is the urban fantasy I wrote last year as an ode to Edinburgh, the love for which I haven’t even begun to properly express in my sadly-neglected travel blog.

Man, I love that city. So much.

Anyway. Soon to be a short story series (Wyndside Stories), “Sidewynd” offers my own twist on fairy lore, and the doors from our world into theirs. To me, there’s something very warm and sweet about this story, classic urban fantasy or not (yes, there is a little excitement in there too).

Here’s the blurb and cover, with a link to buy it at your favorite e-book distributor:


Born of two worlds but important to neither, Sky Patel balances life between her beloved Edinburgh and its mirror in the faerie realm known as the Wynd. But everything changes with the retirement of her friend and mentor–and sole protector of Edinburgh’s Old Town.

Now, despite her best intentions, Sky finds her careful balance cracking. And she may be called to do more–and be more–than she could ever believe possible.

An urban fantasy short story about finding strength in what you love.

Get “Sidewynd”


I also put up two stories I wrote in 2010, as 99-cent stories. Being older, they don’t really sound like me anymore–at least to me–but they are still fun, light reads. This page has all my stories on offer so far. I hope you enjoy!

(Oh yeah, and I also revamped the website here. What do you think?)

P.S. Look out–other big news coming up next month (but I have to keep it a secret ’till then)!

One Comment on “New Fiction for Sale!

Rei Rosenquist
November 8, 2016 at 5:32 PM

So excited about the stories! Also, secrets. What? I can’t handle that. Must have the knowedge…

Ok, I can maybe wait (sighs deeply). Maybe.

As for the new look, I love the cokor scheme (very fitting) but the top header didn’t translate well into phone format. Not sure how to go about fixing it, but the text was huge and dominated the space more than I’d guess you want.


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